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Our company has more than 22 years’ experience in the building sector. We started in 1995 as a traditional building company and rendered services both for private investors and companies as wlel as governmental entities such as communes. For a long time we cooperated closely with various professional groups in the building sector, which allowed us to extend our activities naturally by our own professional departments, including the construction department with participation of experienced workers. Now we can offer our customers everything they need in the field of private and commercial building, glass, plumbing, electrical energy and painting.

Make you balcony season longer – using glazing by Tech-Bygg
We offer complete solutions ranging from production to assembly in particular consideration of durability and quality. We provide tailored solutions for individual or commercial customers as based on delivered or ordered designs.

Glazed balconies-terraces are characterized by a lot of financial advantages – apart from increasing of the value of a flat, they can reduce electrical energy costs by even 20% and extend the life of your balcony by even 50 years. One cannot imagine a better investment!

Would you like to find a solution that ensures additional space that you need in your home?
More and more people have started to see advantages of balcony-terrace glazing and demand is still growing. So far we have helped a lot of customers to arrange their open-air space and provide all they need in order to adapt their balconies. You should not be limited by the weather, wind and Nordic climate and enjoy fresh air, as you have a lot of attractive and cheap options.
Owing to balcony glazing, you will be able to greet the spring earlier and extend the charm of summer days. You will also feel more comfortable and enjoy extended space. Our range of products includes numerous options and systems and we can help you to find a solution that best suits your demands and wishes. We work with responsibility, taking care of quality in order to ensure the best protection and safety of your home.
Why should your balcony be not used for the most part of the year, if you have better alternatives? Call us or send us an email message and we will contact you as soon as we get your enquiry.

Balcony glazing is suitable for all types of balconies. No matter, if you have corners or a round balcony, we are here to offer solutions. Please contact us to get advice or cost estimate. Book a visit at your home – we are eager to share our opinions with you!
We manufacture all components in our plant and mount glazing using our trained fitters. We offer gratuitous home visits and presentation of our offer included in our website.

- protection against the weather
- comfortable climate on your balcony
- reduction of noise outdoors
- saving of energy for the entire property
- increase of the value of your home
- additional space
Aluminum sections are mounted in the floor, inside the balcony railing and in the ceiling.
Toughened glass with the thickness of 6, 8 or 10 mm are mounted in the railing, but they are still light and easy to assemble. They are mounted inwards, which makes it possible to clean the glass on your balcony.
We can mount glazing from the railing or floor to the ceiling.
- Frameless assembly system
- Total or partial opening
- Individual solutions

We provide frameless systems with glass thickness of 6, 8 or 10 mm. Tell us the desired glass thickness and we will consider every example and provide advice on building provisions. The balcony glazing is made of toughened glass and complies with DIN German standard and CE requirements of the EU directive. Aluminum sections and sliding and control mechanisms are made of materials resistant to the weather and can withstand the Nordic climate load.

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